The Concept of Grace Academy

Correct Bible interpretation is more important than ever. To do so, it is crucial to distinguish between the biblical stories before and after the cross. Grace Academy consequently builds upon the new Covenant of Grace. With the New Testament as the center of understanding and the typologies of the Old Testament, we have developed courses which lead you to natural and effortless spiritual growth.

You choose your own length of study

Grace Academy consists of two independent module years: Unlimited Grace and Extensive Grace. You can register for either year independently from the other one. Each module year can be followed alternately. This allows you to start each year. The academic year 2016-2017 starts with Unlimited Grace.

Flexibility for you

The areas of studies and courses are divided into the two module years in such way that you always benefit from them. The advantage of module years is that each academic year is complete in itself. Therefore, it does not matter which module year you start with or if you take a break between two module years. It is even possible to only study for one academic year. This provides high flexibility without loss of knowledge or experience.

Varied courses

Grace Academy’s principle “favored people – strong churches” is supported by modern didactic concepts. Interactive learning – also in small groups – as well as spirit-led, intensive lessons round off this high-standard study program.

module two

Module two is called 'Extensive Grace'.

module one

Module one is called 'Unlimited Grace'.