The Gospel of Grace

The message of the New Testament is to proclaim the Gospel of Grace. It does not put stones in your way but actually removes them. The word “stone” in the Bible is often a symbol for the law. As teachers, it is our assignment to roll away this stone of the law from your heart. Divine grace overflows with vitality and touches people by making a lasting impact on the entire person in thoughts, feelings and actions.

Many people do not realize that Jesus has already removed this stone. The stumbling block of the law is no longer in our lives. This message is our mandate.

The Benjamin Generation

The BenGen (Benjamin Generation) consists of men and women, teenagers and children who know who they are – constantly loved and favored sons and daughters in the heavenly Father’s house. It is the generation of the New Covenant. The characteristics of the global BenGen are expressed by the awareness of strong faith through God’s everlasting grace.

You belong to this favored generation, too. Grace Academy helps you grow your maturity in Christ.

As a student at Grace Academy you will receive a balanced foundation of biblical doctrines taught from the perspective of grace.

Grace Academy has specialized in the Hebrew Alphabet and Gematria (Hebrew Numerals). This knowledge is an important prerequisite for correct interpretation of contexts in the Bible.

Moreover, Grace Academy helps you experiencing God’s delivering power through His word and Spirit; it helps you to get rid of feelings of guilt, condemnation and inferiority; and it helps you to develop a passion to tell other people about Jesus and His favor. You will obtain skills to minister to other people and to heal them through Jesus Christ.

Seeing Jesus’ beauty

Our mandate comes forth from the vision:

“To make Jesus visible in all the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work by proclaiming the Gospel.”