Strong churches

Grace Academy considers the local church as highly important. People who experience God’s grace do not keep it to themselves but invest this favor in their local church. Favored people contribute to strong churches (favored people – strong churches).

Involved in the local church

Grace Academy considers strong local churches to be vital. Therefore, we encourage everyone to be actively involved in the local church as strengthening and supporting building stone. The active participation in church life is highly important for the education and application of what was learnt.

Core values

Grace Academy helps developing the following aspects in the local church and personal life:

Ministering out of rest
and thus more productive and effective in going outside.

People are important
we love and appreciate them because everybody is important to the Lord.

Excellence in everything
excellence by grace, not works, because we are led.

because only who meets others with respect and integrity and honors the leadership like the Lord lets Jesus Christ shine.

Dealing with mistakes
generously, as this allows for fast adjustment and further development.

It's all about Jesus!