An overflowing, fulfilled life, always secured of God’s love in every situation – this can be summarized in one word:

GRACE – and Grace has a Face: JESUS!

When we continually seek Jesus’ face, we get to know Him better and as a result, an intimate relationship develops. God’s amazing grace becomes reality for you the same way it has been for me as a Pastor for years.

The understanding of grace will be brought into a new light and does no longer remain in the darkness of abstract theology or as a religious term.

The reason for Grace Academy

Make time to devote one or two years to spiritually sit at Jesus’ feet, listen to Him, watch Him, receive from Him. We want to make Jesus visible in all the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work. Come and see what is waiting just for you.

Grace Academy is more than just a bible school. It is my desire that the gift of grace will become real to you in all aspects. Discover how faith grows in your heart, how you receive the Father’s love and how God’s stability enters your life.

In your studies at Grace Academy you will encounter topics through which you will personally grow, be it in your personal life, church life or in your ministry to other people. Grace will always positively transform you.

Take your time to read this website. We are excited about your interest in Grace Academy. To enroll, no previous experience is required; everybody can be a part of it.

I look forward to receiving your application for Grace Academy. A carefully selected and highly motivated team of teachers is awaiting you.


Senior Pastor Erich Engler

President Grace Academy